Rumored Mistress of Jon Gutierrez confessed everything thru Conversation with her Friend

Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres collectively known as Jolai online are one of the most controversial social media couples and internet sensations. They're story as a couple is being followed by millions of netizens resulting in their stardom as a pair plus.

Recently, the two of them have been circulating on social media after Jelai revealed that Jon has been cheating again. This is the second time Jon cheated on his wife Jelai. 

#YUMINGINA is number one viral on Twitter after a friend of Yumi Garcia revealed that she is the new mistress of Jon. Her friend revealed some of their conversation about her relationship with Jon. It includes how it started and Jon is the one who first makes a move to her even he's trying to get back with his wife. 

Yumi is only a teenager, their conversation said that she is turning 18 years old next year. She also said that she and Jon have already had an intimate physical. 

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