"Kabet Reveal"- Jelai Andres finally speaks up about the rumored mistress of Jon Gutierrez

Actors and internet stars, Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez, a.k.a JoLai, catches attention over cheating allegations amid their supposed reconciliation. Recall that in 2019, the two split almost six months into their wedding due to Jon allegedly also cheating on her.

Over the weekend, an intriguing post from the sister of Jelai came out slamming Jon Gutierrez telling him not to seek help from them if he gets sick and instead turn to another woman who he kept for so long.

After that incident, many netizens calling Jelai to revealed Jon's new mistress and after a few days, a named Yumi Garcia has been circulating on social media. 

Allegedly she is the mistress of Jon, according to the source, her friend revealed some of their conversation asking what her relationship with Jon and she admit that they had an affair. Some of her tweets also are evidence. Jelai also gives some hints and many netizens agreed that the girl is Yumi.

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