Sarah "Change Oil" De Leon's statement on the Issue of being Yves Esteban's Mistress Dumbfounded Netizens

A mistress is a woman who is in a relatively long-term sexual and romantic relationship with a man who is in a relationship with a different woman. There's a lot of other lovers who denied the accusation at first even they know that there already ruin the other relationship.

Recently, the name of Sarah De Leon has been circulating on social media after she been accused of being a third party to a four-year-long relationship of a couple after Kathyrine Roman posted a compilation of how she caught her fiancee Yves Esteban and De Leon cheated on her.

We can see to the screenshot of Roman posted who having a conversation with De Leon asking if she had a relationship with her fiancee but as another lover just like the other she denied it repeatedly. 

After getting viral, De Leon shared the post of Esteban saying that he and she are just close friends who just want to hang out together. She also said that she's not a mistress because the couple is not married.

Source: Facebook

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