PHcare Girl surfaces on Social Media after Change Oil and Tour Guide Girls left the Spotlight

With the advent of social media, though, a new kind of cheating has emerged, digital flirtation and intimacy that violate the bounds of a marriage or commitment. In fact, some recent research suggests not only that active Facebook and Twitter users are at heightened risk for relationship conflict because of their social media use.

In the following days, there's a lot of Facebook users share to their account how their partner cheated on them. One of them is Glizen G. Robles who posted how his husband cheated on her with a woman who just got married last year.

We can see in their conversation how these two flirted with each other and sending some pictures together when they meet. It also includes that Robles husband is talking about feminine hygiene for his other lover, that she needs to buy and use it when they have intimate physical contact.

The mistress was named Calub Joana who just got married in December last year. Netizens tagged them as "PhCare Couple" who just like "Change Oil Couple."

Source: Facebook

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