Mensahe ng Pamilya ni Kathryn Roman sa ex-fiancèe na si Yves Esteban

After Kathyrine Roman posted a compilation of how her fiancee cheated on her, the word "Nagpa Change-Oil" has been circulating on social media. This is the word that Sarah De Leon, the other lover uses to defend herself.

We all know that Roman was hurt by the situation that she encountered, that's why many netizens also asked her family especially her parents' reaction after what happened.

Her sister posted on her Tiktok account with a username @kristineroman011592 about her family's reaction. According to Kristine, her family treated Yves Esteban as a part of their family, the reason why they were shocked when they found out about what happened to their daughter's relationship.

As parents, if their daughter/son was harmed, they were the ones who get hurt the most and they will do anything to comfort them. While Roman's parents didn't say anything about the issue, here's her younger sister telling everything they felt on behalf of their whole family. Just ignore the situation and enjoy the night, that's their way of comforting their own daughter.


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