Jon Gutierrez got Roasted by Toni Fowler after calling her "Jollibee"


Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres collectively known as Jolai online are one of the most controversial social media couples and internet sensations. They're story as a couple is being followed by millions of netizens resulting in their stardom as a pair plus.

Recently, the two of them have been circulating on social media after Jon allegedly cheated on Jelai again. Until now we still didn't know who was his new other lover but Jelai said that this girl is getting mad at her. 

It can be recalled that back in 2019, Jelai decided to cut things off with Jon after his affair with former RBreezy dancer Toni Fowler made headlines. Andres emotionally reacted to Fowler’s FB live video. She revealed that the dancer did not seduce her husband and showed a video to her followers as proof.

While Jon and Jelai are going to another cheating allegation, Toni couldn't help but react. In her Twitter account, Toni tweeted her thoughts about Jon's repeating cheating on his wife. Her tweet immediately went viral and even though she did not name Jon, most people knew that Jon was the one he was referring to because of his use of the word “Jutay” which is a well-known nickname for Jon.

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