Jackie Rice Confirms Break Up with her “Pandemic Boyfriend”

Maybe the pandemic is acting as a pressure cooker for relationship problems you already had or maybe it’s serving as a playing field for new, unexpected discoveries. While the couple is having a hard time with their relationship during the pandemic some of the single found their new love.

Just like Jackie Rice, her love life created some buzz in social media last year after revealing her “Pandemic Boyfriend.” She is a Filipino actress, TV personality, and commercial model.

But behind the big smiles and fun memories they shared, their relationship didn’t last. She revealed that she and her boyfriend broken up, they almost had a one-year relationship during the pandemic. Although she did upload some snaps together last December, she never mentioned the name of the guy.

She may have also shared on her Instagram account some details about their rough breakup in the comment sections, as she wrote: “Babae na ako d na punching bag.”

Source: GMA News

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