Famous Attorney gained mixed reaction from Netizens after Criticizing Ivana Alawi's recent viral vlog

Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi, better known by her screen name Ivana Alawi, is a Filipino-Moroccan actress, model, YouTuber. She is very well known for being active on her Youtube channel, pranking her family and friends.

Recently one of her vlogs has been circulating on social media because her prank is not for her family or friends it's for a different person that she doesn't know. She disguised herself as a homeless person and went around the city asking strangers for money so she could ~go back to her family~. Most of the people she approached gave her what small amount they could spare, and in exchange for their kindness, Ivana multiplied that amount by a thousand and gave it to them.

While some netizens lauded her act there still a lot commented that her vlog is not inappropriate for society. They say that she violated a law, even one lawyer reviews her vlog and says that she violated the law under Anti Mendicancy Law signed in 1978 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos  that prohibits giving alms to the beggars.

Others speculated that her video would most likely earn her more money. Although Ivana has a right and clear intentions to help those in need, Atty. Libayan said that she went against the law at this point.

Source: Showbiz Trendz

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