Derek Ramsey's Wedding Proposal to Elen Adarna


Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsey have been rumored to be dating since January this year and on February 26, the pair admitted that they were dating. Ramsey said, however, that “it’s not a normal relationship,” and that there’s no formal courtship.

“We just really are enjoying each other’s company,” he said. 

It was only in January that Ellen laughed off the dating rumors, saying “there’s really nothing” between her and Derek. There definitely seemed to be something between them, as the actor was seen spending more time with Ellen and her son, Elias. The two also posted selfies with each other on their respective Instagram accounts. 

"Blindsided” by what he calls a “chemical reaction” with Ellen, Derek is convinced that the actress is “the one” he will finally marry, after several relationships that unfolded and ended in the public eye. Just like what he said it seems that he wants to marry her after Adarna posted on her Instagram account recently.

With a series of photos that includes Ellen's hand to Derek's face with an engagement ring, and a background of "Will you Marry me?". She captioned it, "Game Over."

Source: Instagram

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