Child choked to death After Accidentally swallowed a Candy

Realizing that your young child has swallowed a hard object such as candy can be a frightening experience. Very small children don’t have the ability to deal with eating this type of solid item, and hard candy should be kept out of reach. However, older children can also accidentally swallow a candy whole if they are distracted while eating.

Recently on a Facebook post by Julie Nayre Quiroz, her nephew who is 4-years-old named Kier Cyrus Nayre from Baybay City, Leyte mourns his death after swallowing a chewy candy straight away.

According to Quiroz, they tried to rescue the child but they were unsuccessful. Her grandmother told that the candy Kier ate before the accident is his favorite. He always eats that candy which is why they are not aware of the bad outcome it may have.

The post went viral and it can be a warning for parents to keep a close eye on their children with their food or whatever they are doing because they may lose their child in an instant.

Source: Showbiz Trendz

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