Change Oil Girl and Kathryn Roman's Conversation Regarding the car on her Selfie

When the cheaters and his/her lovers get caught at first they always denied the accusation. They lie and say that whoever told you is also lying, they say that they would never do that to you, they just flat-out completely deny that the whole thing ever occurred.

As a girl in a relationship before they accused the other women of their partner, they always find some evidence to prove their instinct. Just like Kathryn Roman who found some evidence that proves that her fiancee is cheating on her.

One of her pieces of evidence is when she saw a picture of a girl, the selfie was very familiar because the background looks like the back of a shotgun sit of her fiancee's car. She asks the girl about it but the girl just denied her accusation.

But after Roman posted also her own selfie just like what she saw the background is the same, but still the girl denied it and says that the car she used to take a selfie is with one of her other friends.

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