Wife accused her own Mother of being her Husband's Mistress, which was witnessed by their own Daughter

Cheating is one of the major problems in every relationship. We've seen many issues reported at Raffy Tulfo in Action and many of them are about cheating. Just like this new story that aired last January 13, 2021. This story is about how this wife cheated by her husband using her own mother.

April complains to Raffy that her husband is cheating on her for a long time and the saddest part is, the mistress was her own mother. Raffy asks her what evidence she had about this situation and she answered that her own daughter witnessed everything.

At first, her husband and her mother denied the accusation, until her mother admit that they have a relationship without physical involvement. But when her daughter asks Raffy what she knows about them, she immediately said that she witnessed everything including how they kiss and they did something in one particular room.

Her daughter tells that she keep it a secret for a long time because she loved her father more than her mother and she said it now because she wants to correct every mistake they did because she can no longer be seeing her mother hurt.

Source: Raffy Tulfo

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