Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto's Look-alike tagged as "Bisyo Sotto" Now Viral on Social Media

A lookalike is a person or a thing that resembles another, especially someone who looks very similar to a famous person. The mayor of Pasig City Vico Sotto is one of the most have lookalike, there are netizens and even recently a Kpop idol.

Vico Sotto is one of the most famous mayors for being responsible to his subjects to his city. Many people love him also for being a good sport in everything even he had a lookalike that he didn't expect.

Recently, Jhono Tayopon posted a photo of him at a Facebook group called Alak Pinas over the weekend shows smoking while having porridge and a bottle of beer. Many followers of this group were shocked because Tayopon looks a lot like Sotto.

Quite a number of Pinoys are amused, with one netizen calling Tayopon “Bisyo Sotto."

The teen admitted that the unwanted attention is making him nervous because some people called him “gangsta Vico” and “bad boi Vico.” But he would love to meet Sotto one day.

Source: Alak Pinas

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