Video: Police Officer Left the Inmates do the Police work as they Roam outsides their cells

Sentenced prisoners are required to work if they are medically capable of doing so. Institutional work assignments shall include employment in areas such as food service or storage, or work as an inmate, plumber, painter, or landlady. Inmates can earn some money for their families even they are away from them.

On Facebook, a Facebook page named Just A Clip posted a video about some doing some unexpected work like doing some office files commanding the inmate to do something outside on prison cell, etc.

At first, we can see that an officer gives the key to the inmate for his prison cell and there is someone who enters the prison from the outside of their main office and there is an inmate who sits in front of prison cells working on office files from a computer.

Some netizen notice that the inmate well behaved and even they are on the outside and taking the key from the officer they are not trying to escape from police stations.

It's okay, it's okay hahaha

Posted by Just A Clip on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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