Skusta Clee Lambast Wilbert Ross, after giving a statement about Zeinab Harake Revelations

Wilbert Ross's statement about his partner up with Zeinab Harake draws ire from Skusta Clee.

The pregnancy of the famous influencer Zeinab Harake to her partner Skusta Clee was the talk of the town.

In her latest vlog, she bravely admits that she's 18 weeks pregnant. Her fans and supporters expressed their happiness for their idol, but many of them were dismayed as they

shared their feelings about Wilbert Ross and Zeinab Harake in their past vlog.

Their pair up is called WilZeb, which started after their viral "24 Hours Mag-Jowa Challenge" Since then, viewers have become fond of their chemistry.

They also saw something in Wilbert's treatment of her after Zeinab's heartbreak. They even collaborated on Wilbert's music video, which is why Wilbert's previous online interview with Chad Kinis resurfaced.

The interview shows how Wilbert admits his feeling for Zeinab, but then again, Wilbert releases his statement about the issue that he said no one was hurt, and he's happy with Zeinab.

He said there's nothing going on between him and Zeinab in the past, it's all entertainment.

Apparently, Skusta Clee didn't like what he said, he lambasts Wilbert for his statement on the now-deleted Facebook post. 

Skusta seems angry, or should we say he's jealous as he throws some shade at Wilbert. It started when Wilbert was promoting his latest single, "Di Na Umabot"

Fans link his song to what happened between him and Zeinab Harake, and maybe that's why Skusta Clee busts out in anger or jealousy.

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