Real reason How Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee got back together

Zeinab Harake's YouTube channel is being subscribed by more than 8.27 million people as of this writing.

On her latest vlog on Youtube named "BIRTHDAY SUPRISE REVELATION", she reveals that she is pregnant with Daryl Borja Ruiz also known as Skusta Klee.

On Facebook, Zeinab posts a photo of her showing her belly.

In the early week of this month, Fans are confused if the recent post of singer Daryl Ruiz most commonly known as Skusta Clee was his declaration that he and his former girlfriend, online content creator Zeinab Harake, are playing sweet music together again.

Excited ZeiRyl’s fans immediately expressed their overwhelming delight about the two’s reconciliation.

One Facebook user even noted how “comeback is real,” then another wrote how “love wins.”

Skusta Clee’s Ex Battalion co-member Jon “King Badger” Gutierrez also left a GIF meme of Leonardo Dicaprio clapping.

On her vlog, she and her ex-boyfriend Skusta Klee reveal that they are back together. It was started in July this year when their cat Athena Harake Ruiz died and on October 6 she found out that she is pregnant.

Watch the full revelation here:

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