President Duterte Announced to the Public that Jonel Nuezca is sentenced Death by Lethal injection

Sen. Bato dela Rosa agrees that the assassin cop, Jonel Nuezca, should be on the death row for his merciless killing of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio.

In an interview with ANC on 23 December, Wednesday, the senator expressed his condemnation of the case of a double murder committed by Nuezca.

“Do you believe now that murder should be included among the heinous crimes? Because most of those that filed, only then, put high-level dr*g traffickers.” Karen Davila asked dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa mentioned that, initially, he did not want

to include other heinous crimes, such as murder, in cases that could be sentenced to the death penalty.

“I didn’t want to include murder and other heinous crimes dahil nga iyon ‘yung bone of contention ng mga oppositor na pwedeng ‘yung mga suspek dahil nga mahirap, hindi makapaglaban sa korte..talo..justice denied para sa kanila.”

However, he pointed out that the Paniqui incident is sufficient evidence to include abusive law enforcement officers on the death row.

“Pero with that kind of incident, siguro, ma-ammend natin ‘yung mga bill na ‘yan during the debates. Baka pwede isaksak na ‘pag ikaw ay isang pulis dahil aggravating circumstance’yon." 

“Pulis ka, may tsapa ka, may baril ka, ikaw pa ang mag-engage ng cold-blooded killing. Papatayin mo ‘yung mga unarmed civilians, so pwede sigurong isaksak natin doon during the debates.” 

Davila asked him if Nuezca was worthy of the death penalty, and dela Rosa said he was very confident that the suspect did.

“So, after seeing the video and essentially the evidence that’s available, you believe Nuezca deserves the death penalty?” Davila asked." 

“Yes, [I] believe in my heart. Alam ko dapat death penalty ang parusa sa kanya dahil very cold-blooded killing ‘yun, Karen. I don’t see any enough provocation on the part of the victims.” Sen. Dela Rosa answered with conviction. 

Presidente Duterte announced that Jonel Nuezca is sentenced to the death penalty via Lethal injection.

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