Netizen look back when Zeinab was asked if she was still a "Marupok"

On her latest vlog on Youtube titled "BIRTHDAY SUPRISE REVELATION", she reveals that she is pregnant with Daryl Borja Ruiz also known as Skusta Klee.

On her vlog, she and her ex-boyfriend Skusta Klee reveal that they are back together. It was started in July this year when their cat Athena Harake Ruiz died and on October 6 she found out that she is pregnant.

Many netizens were shocked by her revelations and some netizens posted a video clip on Facebook of Zeinab being interviewed by Makagago about what happens to their relationship with Skusta Clee.

Makagago asked her if she was still "Marupok" and she answered saying that she was not and Makagago asked again if she was sure and she said she was not and she explained herself on Makagago 

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