Netizen Lambasted Miss Manila for her Offensive Jokes to Herlene "Hipon Girl" Budol

Herlene Budol started as co-host of Willie Revillame's Wowowin TV show. She's going to have a break in her life because of her perfect physics and humor.

She was called 'Hipon Girl' because a lot of people said that her body looks more beautiful than her face. But it's just the name of the screen for her in the entertainment industry. In fact, she's beautiful in her own way.

In an episode of Wowowin last week, Herlene shared her encounter with Miss Manila Alexandria Abdon. She told Willie Revillame, "Alam mo Kuya, yung Miss Manila, tinarayan ako."

Willie then asked Abdon to appear on the show to explain or share his side about the issue.

At first, she failed to show up because she had a previous commitment, and at that time she was in Tagaytay with her boyfriend. She apologized to the veteran host and came face to face with Herlene as well.

Then began their heated conversations. It actually became viral online, as many netizens lambast Miss Manila for being rude to Hipon Girl.

The beauty queen was criticized by the netizen for her "offensives jokes" to the TV host.

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