Nadine Lustre and her legal counsel made a press statement concerning the lawsuit brought against the actress.

Nadine became the exclusive Viva artist for the first time in 2009 when the all-female Pop Girls group was launched. She has signed a five-year contract.

By 2014, Nadine became popular when she starred in the Viva-produced film Diary ng Panget. This was also the start of her love team with fellow artist and former boyfriend James Reid.

Nadine Lustre and, her legal counsel Atty Lorna Kapunan made a press statement concerning the lawsuit brought against the actress.

On 11 December 2020, the Viva Artists Agency (VAA) brought a lawsuit against Nadine before the Regional Trial Court in Quezon City.

In their statement, Viva reasoned: "The lawsuit was brought because at the beginning of this year, Nadine violated its existing Agency and Management Agreement with VAA by contracting independently with advertisers, promoters and other third parties, in complete disregard of the exclusivity of its contract with VAA.

"Thus, the case seeks, among others, to stop Nadine from continuously violating her Agency and Management Agreement with VAA and for Nadine to honor her contract."

After that, Atty. Kapunan made a statement on behalf of Nadine.

The statement said it was published as-is: "We welcome the complaint and we are confident that the truth will come out about VAA being predatory, oppressive, and abusive not only of Nadine but it's many other talents.

"The contract is an Agency contract and Nadine is the Principal- and it is the right of the Principal to terminate the Agent when it is not performing its commitments under the Agency Agreement.

"We are prepared to prove VAA's material breach of the contract. We are likewise prepared to show that VAA is guilty of tortious third party interference by its threatening / pressuring third parties dealing with Nadine in good faith and scaring them with potential court cases.

"Nadine is now self-managing which she has every right to do especially during these difficult pandemic.

"It is her prerogative to continue to earn without VAA getting an unconscionable amount in agency fees which it does not deserve.

"This is not Nadine's fight alone-it is for all talents/ artists who are similarly situated."

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