Jessy Mendiola said that her friend from Jewelry shop almost ruined their engagement ring

Jessy Mendiola had some revelations about a jewelry shop whom Luis Manzano trusted at first for their engagement ring.

In a vlog that the actress uploaded, she shared their side of the story of how a jeweler who happened seem to ruin their engagement proposal.

"Luis had the ring made last September 2019. He bought the diamond from Radiant Lux Jewelry and nabayaran niya ng buo yung diamond na yun" she began.

The actress further said that she and Luis had come to the point where they broke in May this year. As she is so down that time, she leaned to a friend whom they both trusted.

"Unfortunately, maraming bagay and nangyari. May 2020, Luis and I went through something to the point na naghiwalay lami and this person from Radiant Lux Jewelry was a good friend of mine. I trusted her, We both trusted her, Luis and I. We had good faith her that's why siguro Luis chose her to make my ring kasi friend ko siya . Well, she was my friend."

Jessy said that this person was there to comfort her although she wasn't sure what was her purpose at that time.

It turns out that this person is pushing Luis to get the ring knowing that they are not okay and the actor has already paid it.

As per Jessy, she understood Luis why he no longer wants to get the ring which was actually co-designed by their friend. Unexpectedly, this friend of theirs from Radiant Lux Jewelry showed her the ring and her to wear it.

It was despite knowing that Luis and Jessy were not on good terms at that time. Luckily enough, Manila Diamond Studio had their engagement ring "reset" and erased the bad memories from the first jeweler.

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