Jamie Bautista tried to sell the Figurine Collections of Anthony Leodones in low price

Anime figure companies are spending money on some of the source materials to be used to make these figures. They are very expensive and will depend on the brand of materials. Sometimes, they focus more on quality than on the price of the source material.

Jamie Bautista set live on her Facebook page selling some anime figurines of his boyfriend Anthony Leodones. She set the live in where the figurine was displayed and telling that she will sell it because they don't have money now and after the 1000 viewers she will start pricing the anime figurines of Anthony.

The first one that she wants to sell is the Nezuko Figurines worth just only Php 500 and the next one she wants to sell was Brody figurines worth just only Php 150 and after few minutes Anthony arrives and telling why she selling his anime figurines and get the Brody figurines but Jamie try to keep selling the figurines for just Php 500 and Anthony try to get the Nezuko figurines but Jamie get the other figurines and she just sells low price.

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