Everyone thought the bride is backing out off her wedding after standing still for 15mins

A wedding is just as much a momentous, emotional occasion for the parents of the couple as it is for the couple themselves—and the special bond between a father and daughter is brought into focus throughout the entire planning process.

Some netizens post on TikTok about a Bride who makes the guest nervous because she stops walking to his groom for fifteen minutes.

But after fifteen minutes her father comes to walk her to the altar going to her groom that still waiting.

According to the video clip, the bride stops because her father was still not there she wants to him before the walk to the altar.

The father of the bride is late because he can't find a parking space so he goes back to the hotel and leave the car there when he try to go back to the church he can't find a taxi so he blocked a motorcycle rider and begged to take him to the church where his daughter will get married.


A million thumbs up for the bride for respecting her Father❤️ #respect #love #father #ctto

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