Dennis Padilla warns Gerald Anderson not to see him cross his path

Dennis Padilla warns Gerald Anderson not to see him cross his path wherever the occasion may be. This is what Dennis said when asked about the guest actor on the Abante News Facebook page "Abanteling"

Dennis's anger with Gerald suddenly arose as the question arose. He said he didn't like what Gerald was doing to Bea Alonzo. Because he didn't want Gerald to do the same thing with his daughter Julia Barretto.

As a father, he was just trying to protect his daughter from being hurt. He doesn't want to ask Julia about her true relationship with Gerald. Because Julia is now 23 years old and she's at the right age to make a decision on her own.

To recall, Dennis also made a statement on the issue that Julia and Gerald had raised last year.

Padilla opened up to reach out to Anderson in the middle of a controversy involving his daughter, in the episode of the talk show "Tonight with Boy Abunda"

Barretto was linked to Anderson, which was widely rumored to be the cause of Anderson's supposed breakup with actress Bea Alonzo.

In the interview, Padilla was asked to send a message to Anderson.

"sagutin mo naman 'yung text ko." Padilla said.

He also said that he had already sent Anderson four text messages, but that he had never received a reply.

Later, the comedian added that he reached out to Anderson when he found out about the controversy.

"Actually ako and nag-text. Sabi ko 'Pwede mo ba akong tawagan?" he said. "Si Dennis Padilla to. After ng 45 mins, tumawag naman".

Padilla did not disclose what they talked about but said he just clarified something with the actor.

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