A relative of Jonel Nuezca's wife Revealed the couple's Real attitude on RTIA

One of the people interviewed by Raffy Tulfo on his Wanted sa Radyo program was the nephew of Jonel Nuezca's wife, the cop who killed Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio in a viral video.

It has been learned that even this relative, Dennis Lamoren, is said to be a witness to the behavior and behavior of the Nuezca couple.

According to Tasha Delos Santos, Sonya's daughter and Frank's sister, they were allegedly charged with police fraud, but they won the case because their family returned the P40,000 that Nuezca had already paid them.

It seems that this is the root of Nuezca's anger towards her family.

Tasha even shared that the police had once tried to run over her brother, Frank, who was shot in a viral video.

The cop was drunk once, rushing to Frank, and then threatening him. They're blurring the incident with the police.

"Mayroon ding pong pangyayari na nakainom po siya, bigla po niyang sinugod ulit si Frank, ang sabi po niya mayayabang kayo, ganito ganyan, gusto niyong ilabas ko ang pagkademonyo ko?" Tasha said, and they've also got a video of this incident.

One of the things that Tasha clarified was the filing of a police case against them, which took place after she was able to repay the money paid for the land title. That is also why the police have lost the case because it is clear that no scam has taken place because the money they have paid has been fully refunded.

"Marami na po silang ginagawa pero hindi po kami umaaksyon... Kung makikita niyo po sa video hindi naman po lumalaban ang nanay ko at kapatid ko," Tasha's emotional statement, which also includes one of her siblings, Neil.

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