Youtube Terminates ABS-CBN News and ANC Channel Because of recent Hacking incident

Four months earlier, the House of Representatives killed the franchise of broadcast giant ABS-CBN, which forced the company to shut down its Regional Network Group (RNG) – leaving thousands jobless, and their audience worried about a situation precisely like Typhoon Rolly (Goni).

Before the franchise kill, ABS-CBN was the largest network in terms of reach. Now, ABS-CBN's radio station has also ceased to exist and the radio format program Teleradyo can now only be accessed online and on cable and digital TV.

November 3 ABS-CBN management found out that their youtube account ABS-CBN News is inaccessible.

According to ABS-CBN management, they only announced in August 2020 that their youtube account reached 10 million subscribers, so they were shocked to have their account terminated.

According to medyemen from Twitter, the reason why Youtube terminates ABS-CBN News and ANC is because there someone who hacks their youtube channel.

Later on, the YouTube channels of ABS-CBN News and the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) were inaccessible for several hours on Tuesday, November 3.

Both channels were restored as of 4:15 pm.

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