YouTube Channel of Raffy Tulfo didn't earn as much as People Estimated it to be on Tekla and Michelle's Feud

According to Pinoy Money Talk, Raffy Tulfo in Action is the highest-paid known YouTuber in the Philippines with estimated earnings of P2.8 Million to P45.12 Million every month. In his past interviews regarding the controversial salary, he denied receiving P50 Million from the YouTube ad partnership program, claiming that the estimated earnings were exaggerated.

Raffy Tulfo revealed to his manager Ogie Diaz that the viral Tekla-Michelle issue did not earn much on YouTube due to some sensitive reasons.

In Ogie’s recent vlog with celebrity stylist Mama Loi, the former said Idol Raffy opened up to him that videos of an interview with Michelle Lhor Bana-ag got a red-flag from the video-sharing platform.

"Because I was Raffy's manager, someone asked me, 'Maybe the how much of Raffy Tulfo's income from Michelle's interview', Tekla's live-in partner. Because 'Raffy Tulfo in Action' 'made Michelle's interview. " Just to let you know, those videos have been red-flagged. That is, it turns yellow or red, when red no ads enter. If it is yellow, the ads that enter are limited. So is the weakness of the flow of ads. "That's what the Michelle-Tekla series experienced," Ogie said.

"Because they say Mom, there is even a price, which seems like Kuya Raffy earned 9.1 million," Mama Loi told Ogie. The talent manager then disclosed, “Oh, it's not true. He did not make much money there. ”

Idol Raffy also clarified to Ogie that they uploaded the Tekla-Michelle series not because there is a celebrity involved. Kuya Raffy's reasoning is that 'everything we feature in' Raffy Tulfo in Action ', in' Wanted sa Radyo ', we put in what (YouTube), not because that involves the actor, Tekla is involved so we release '. " But' the income, we were red-flagged. We did not earn, "Ogie shared quoting Idol Raffy.

"Of course the issue is a bit delicate, there are minors involved, then Michelle also has a bit of a graphic in her description of what Tekla did."

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