Xian Gaza claims that he is the Controversial Ex-Boyfriend of Donnalyn Bartoleme

Vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome recently made an unboxing video. Here, the vlogger became emotional as she opened the belongings returned to her by her ex-boyfriend.

But, although it was open to having a relationship, it became private with the identity of her natural ex-boyfriend. She did not reveal to the public who she was referring to as her former relationship.

She said she knew a lot to think about it because her relationship was never open to the public. Donnalyn added that even if they are separated from the said ex-boyfriend, she will still not be recognized by the public, and his personality will remain private.

Therefore, it is inevitable that the public will be intrigued and guess who Donnalyn's ex-boyfriend is. They are many predictions of what Donnalyn calls D’ex and they present different names. Some are very serious about guessing while others are just having fun finding out who Donnalyn's ex-boyfriend is.

One of the pictures that appeared was a picture of Donnalyn with social media personality and once again nicknamed scammer Xian Gaza.

On his very Facebook account, Xian shared such a photo. It also has a statement about the trending unboxing of the vlogger. He promised more here.

“Isinoli ko lahat ng mga gamit dahil ayaw kong may maisumbat siya sa akin pagdating ng panahon. That's it.”

On another Facebook page, Xian also has another photo where it still includes the vlogger. Whether they are true or not, netizens enjoyed these photos and the statement that Xian may be Donnalyn's ex-boyfriend.

“SI DADDEH XIAN PALA YUNG EX NI DONNALYN?!” saad pa nga sa naturang Facebook page. 

Netizens, on the other hand, laughed, saying that whatever was behind the pictures, Xian was too upset to say that he was the vlogger's ex-boyfriend.

Many of them rode Xian's statements and asked him why he allegedly returned the vlogger's tools. Some even joked and asked, why did he leave it.

Others also said that Xian was too ambitious here despite the photos he shared with Donnalyn. However, those who laughed at the statement, and his Facebook post are still more.

Here are some of the netizens' statements about it:

“hahaha so sayo pala galing ang SoEn na panty? na nagpaiyak sa kanya! ang lala mo!”

“Kung kelan kana nagkaron marami pera tsaka mo binalik mo mga stu na binigay niya

sayo  sana sakin nalang charrr HAHAHAHA emeee.”

“Bakit mo sinauli dapat pina rae mo nalang mga regalo nya!”

“Boss buti di mo binenta ahahhaa.”

“hahaha naliwanagan na tayong lahat!”

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