Wife Caught Husband Cheating After Seeing His Shirt in a Tiktok Video

Complainant Cherry De Guzman approached Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help even though she has recently given birth to her child.

Cherry complains that her husband has a fixture. According to Cherry, they allegedly let the other woman board inside their house, but unfortunately fell in love with her husband Alexis De Guzman.

She even said that she and her husband aren't together as the lockdown started, leaving her alone while dealing with her pregnancy.

“I had a cesarean sir, eh. I can't take care of my three children. I have my children. Now, he does not want to come here. As much as he says, he just has all the symptoms of COVID.

“I feel sorry for him so I send him money. I always sending even when I was recently given birth. I just want him healed to go here. He doesn't want to go home

"That's right, 'that's where it all started," Cherry said.

She allegedly found out that her husband had a lover because the friends who saw Alexis and his accomplice allegedly complained to her about their border. Alexis strongly denied the accusations leveled against him by his wife and it is said that he only drank the said woman. “I also miss drinking sir, eh of course. I just really want to drink. "We are boarders, sir, we just got along," Alexis defended.

According to Cherry, there are people who are determined to testify to what was done by hooking his husband. Another piece of evidence that it can also use is an alleged Tiktok video in which, while dancing, the woman was wearing Alexis' dress. "The woman is dancing, she is using Tiktok. He used all my husband's clothes.

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