Video: Teenager who has been Dragged while Tweaking by Another Teenager Gone Viral

The video uploaded by netizen Rechelle Manlupig about a girl's beating is widely available on social media. The video shows how a woman wearing yellow long sleeves hits another young woman who can't resist.

In the video, the woman is told to say unkind words against her victim. It beats the poor girl while tweaking it at the same time.

The incident is said to have taken place in an open court. The video also shows that a lot of young people were just watching, until a few seconds later a man approached and stopped the girl who was hurting the victim.

Even though the man abducted the girl, she kept approaching her and hitting the victims. And there the other young men came to take the angry girl away.

According to the comments of other netizens, the root of the dispute is a man. However, there is no clear reason for this in the uploader post. The girl who sued the victim should be charged, according to Manlupig's post.

Netizens expressed anger at the video they were watching. According to one, whatever the dispute was, it was wrong to bring pain, beatings, and harassment to the situation. In addition to the hurtful words spoken by the victim. Many people want justice for the beating done to the girl and hold the plaintiff to account. They also seem to be the courage of young people today, and they can do it.

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