Video: Cop appeared on Ogie Diaz's vlog After Violation

Ogie Diaz is a popular talent manager and showbiz reporter. He became well-known for his role Pekto on the comedy show “Palibhasa Lalake.” His frank but hilarious social media posts about current showbiz and political issues in the country have also found an audience online. 

On the vlog of Ogie Diaz Tita Jegs is one of his guests, they eat on Tiger Winx with other friends of theirs. 

At first, they were happy talking and eating but when Ogie told Aunt Jegs to pick up the tissue and while Aunt Jegs was picking up the tissue she lifted her dress they did not know that the police were behind them.

When the police approached, they said that he had done a public scandal. They tried to talk to the police to ignore what happened because they just doing their vlog but it did not listen to them until Tita Jegs just cried.

Then Ogie said that he will take care of it and said that the police were Cory's godfather and it was a prank.

Watch the full video here:

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