Vendor spreads Fake News, faces 12-year imprisonment and fined Php 10,000

Slander is a crime here in the Philippines, many people here in the Philippines do not believe they can be jailed for gossip about other people.

Cebu, a woman in Bantayan, was charged and jailed for gossip defamation.

It was found that the woman was disseminating false information on Facebook Messenger, a netizen posted to warn gossip that spreads false information to harm people, and that she could face a cyber libel case with a fine of 10,000php.

If it is proven that you are spreading malicious and destructive news to others, it will be considered cyber-libel, and will face 12 years in prison.

The arrest of this woman is proof that the law is serious and that anyone found to be spreading gossip is subject to punishment.

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