Tuguegarao Mayor apologizes for leaving his city for a birthday trip amidst Typhoon Ulysses

In the late evening of  November 13, many netizens from Cagayan and Isabela posting on social media asking for help because they are stuck in their house because it's flooded after the Magat dam release some water.

A netizen posted on a Twitter account telling that the mayor of Tuguegarao was not in his town. According to the netizen, Mayor Jefferson Soriano mayor of Tuguegarao left to celebrate his birthday in Nasugbu with his family, he knows that there is a strong typhoon coming now his province was drowning.

Tuguegarao Mayor Jefferson Soriano apologized to his constituents on Monday, November 16, for his absence when Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco) battered his city while he was on a birthday trip with his family.

Soriano left Tuguegarao on November 8, a Sunday, and reportedly went to Batangas to spend his birthday with his family, whom he had not seen in months. The mayor decided to return to Tuguegarao on November 12, but by that time, there was no longer a path for return.

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