Teacher who showed concern for his student, Viral on Social Media

After his student's module gets wet to save himself first a teacher shows concern for his student because the module can be changed.

The series of blows that are taking place here in our country is depressing, in which we continue to fight the trials caused by the pandemic and the subsequent entry and destruction of strong storms.

Teacher Majie Cartajena's post about how she responded to her student's response as the floodwaters entered their house today went viral on social media.

In a picture shared by the teacher Cartajena, you can see the situation of her student's home, the muddy water gradually settles inside.

In a frightening situation, his student was saddened to announce that his modules had been wet and destroyed by the flood.

"Ma'am ianalon po module ko...Basa,"

Cartajena's response to her student's situation caught the attention of the netizens, saying that they would first save themselves from the flood and that they would not care what happens to their modules.

"Wala akong pakealam sa module niyo kung mabasa. Masmahalaga kaligtasan nyo. Unahin niyo muna sarili at pamilya nyo,"

"Napapalitan yang mga modules kayo hindi,"

This boy has proved that no matter what trials his way is he never forgets to continue his education and to make his dream come true.

"Di ko alam mararamdaman ko muang inisip pa ng bata na to sasabihin ko kasi nabasa module nya," the teacher added.

Many of our countrymen are severely affected and households and their livelihoods are flooded. But no matter what trial, cooperation, and Bayanihan prevailed with our Filipinos. 

Here is the full post of the teacher:

Wala akong pakealam sa module nyo kung mabasa.. Masmahalaga kaligtasan nyo.. Unahin nyo muna sarili at pamilya nyo..

Napapalitan yang mga modules kayo hindi.

Photo Courtesy: Majie Cartajena


Tama na po.. 🥺

Di ko alam mararamdaman ko mukang inisip pa ng bata na to sasabihin ko kasi nabasa module nya eh. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Kid wala akong pakealam sa module mo.. Iligtas mo sarili mo at pamilya mo kesa dyan sa module mo.

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