Teacher said "Congrats" to his student whose module got damaged in flood

These past weeks had been a big challenge to millions of Filipinos affected by the floods, lahar flow, landslides, and other problems brought about by the successive typhoons that hit the country. Quite a number of schools, homes, and various buildings were damaged by the many different calamities across many different provinces.

Mom Michelle Barbaran was so angry over the teacher’s reply that she shared a screenshot of the conversation on Facebook; though the teacher’s name was still hidden to protect his privacy.

Apparently, the student was concerned enough to ask the teacher if he was alright. But the student certainly did not expect that teacher’s sarcastic reply.

“Ok lang ako. Ano inuna nyo bang sinave any module? Para sa bayan para sa kinabukasan?” this teacher wrote.

“Sir hindi po, nabasa po ung modules ko,” the student replied honestly.

But the teacher’s next message surprised the student.

“So, gusto mo icongrats kita? Congrats!” the teacher replied sarcastically. The teacher even added some party emojis to his reply!

“Sir, sinabi ko lang po kasi nagtanong ka po,” the student politely replied.

But the message hurt the student and Mom Michelle who shared the convo on her Facebook account. The teacher’s reply was totally uncalled for, especially considering that the recent floods and calamities that hit many areas in Luzon had submerged many houses up to the roofs!

Other netizens also pointed out that during calamities and emergency situations, it is important for people to save their lives first. That’s a top priority!

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