Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby in the Philippines increasing according to the study

In a report shared by Super Radyo Davao, according to a study, it appears that the number of people or individuals with the so-called ‘Sugar Daddy’ in the Philippines has increased.

This is exactly according to data released by Sugarbook, an online dating website for the so-called ‘Sugar Daddies’ and ‘Sugar Babies’. Here, due to COVID-19 or the pandemic, there will be a sudden increase in the number of ‘Sugar Babies’ women in the country.

According to the website, a Sugar Baby in the Philippines receives about Php 50,000 per month. Also based on their data, Metro Manila is considered the Sugar Baby capital of the Philippines because of the 12,450 Sugar Babies recorded here.

The largest number of these Sugar Babies come from the female student or student-only sector. Therefore, there is concern about this data of the controversial dating site.

Based on a report shared by ABS-CBN, the website added,

“The Filipino Sugar Baby earns a monthly allowance of Php 49,700 on average with the majority of the Sugar Babies still studying. The massive spike was due to the recent COVID-19 lockdown and it illustrates that Metro Manila is the Sugar Baby capital of the Philippines. ”

For some, having Sugar Daddy is a way to support their financial needs. Aside from the financial benefits, there are also some who see having Sugar Daddy as a way for them to learn different things like a business from their older siblings.

In total, the number of Sugar Babies in the country reaches 28,310. This is four times higher than the number of Sugar Daddys. These Sugar Babies are usually 18-34 years old.

According to Sugarbook founder Darren Chan himself, he denied that Sugar Babies on his website should not be considered or considered s * x workers because they still have the decision and are not forced.

He added that the huge income from being Sugar Baby led to the sudden increase in the number of Filipinos on the website during this pandemic period which made it very difficult to earn money.

“Driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more users are signing up to Sugarbook due to unemployment and gender pay gaps. On average, a sugar baby in the Philippines receives up to Php 49,700 monthly…

“Unlike sexual workers, sugar babies are not forced into labor. Sugar babies have the freedom of choice and they do not sell their bodies. They are single mothers, divorcees, housewives, or students who are driven, successful, and goal-empowered to date financially secured people,” it even said.

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