Sarah Wurtzbach Posted another Message of Her Mother Regarding the Alleged Rape

Pia Wurtzbach and her mother were in the hot seat recently, after Pia's sister Sarah Wurtzbach lashed out at them on social media.

But Sarah immediately apologized to Pia but she continued to lash out at their mother.

Now their mother has spoken about what Sarah is saying in her Youtube vlog.

After Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach's mother posted a video in which she explained about the ongoing conflict between the couple, Sarah did not budge and released a screenshot of her mother's message sent to her in May.

The said screenshot shows that he is angry because he was allegedly insulted. Her rape allegedly happened because Sarah wanted it.

This is the message that Sarah is referring to when she mentions that her mother seemed to just let what happened to her when she was young.

Sarah's mother explained in her video that she released, she did not know that the child was coming out late at night because it was smuggling. This is said to be the reason why he raped.

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