Sandra Seifert calls the basher who accused her as 'mistress,' 'woman in viral greeting video'

Sandra Seifert posted a photo of her son Corinth Ian with Cesar Montano, showing how very affectionate Cesar was towards the five-year-old boy. The former Queen of Beauty did not elaborate on the relationship between the child and Cesar, but described it as "Love Actually"

Sandra Seifert called out a basher who had made a rude comment on her wall after she had posted a photo of her five-year-old son Corinth Ian and Cesar Montano.

The picture showed the main actor affectionately hugging the young boy, who was also beaming with joy.

The basher commented, "So confirmed si Sandra nga ba ang kumabit kay Cesar at nasa viral video? #kabit #imoral #pakawala #mistress #ahas."

To this, Sandra replied, "Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not the woman in the viral video. Pls do your research so you can find out who she is. God bless"

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