Raquel Pempengco na nanay ni Jake Zyrus, Ipina-Tulfo ng Nanay niya

Jake Zyrus' grandma Tess Pineda cried out for help with idol Raffy Tulfo's program 'Wanted Sa Radyo' in this episode of November 23.

Grandma Tess said that her daughter, Raquel Pempengco, allegedly stoned her because she didn't know what the reason was.

According to Tess's grandma, Raquel took and sold some of the items she had founded and allegedly hurt her when she told other people that she was Charice's grandma.

"Hindi ko po alam bakit napakabigat ng dugo sa akin ng anak ko... masama raw po akong tao, masa raw po akong ina!"

Lola Tess is currently living with a netizen, Edith Guiyab, who cares about her.

Raquel showed idol Raffy the room where Lola Tess stayed with them, she had a nice bed, and the room even had air conditioning where it could be seen that her mother's clothes were also there.

Raquel Pempengco also begged her mother not to disturb Jake because he's already had a life of his own.

Idol Raffy was trying to reconcile the two, but it didn't happen.

In the end, idol Raffy will help Lola Tess in particular with her treatments, while Raquel still has the door of her house open to her mother at any time.

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