Pia Wurtzbach's Mom Finally Speaks up after Daughter Sarah's Controversial Posts

Pia Wurtzbach and her mother were in the hot seat recently, after Pia's sister Sarah Wurtzbach lashed out at them on social media.

But Sarah immediately apologized to Pia but she continued to lash out at their mother.

Now their mother has spoken about what Sarah is saying in her Youtube vlog.

In the video, Cheryl was accompanied by her current husband, Nigel Tyndall, who mentioned at the beginning of the video that he felt "very angry" about how Sarah could "take a swipe" at her own mother. 

Cheryl began her story by sharing what happened back when they were still living in the Philippines. While Cheryl did not mention what year it happened, she did mention that she remembered Sarah being 10 years old back then. 

According to Cheryl, "Sarah, that can be smuggled in at night. Because she has friends there who are also women." As a single mom, it is very difficult to take care of two mestizo girls. I really watch over my children.

"Because, you know, after six years we didn't have a child when my first husband because he didn't want to have children, I really forced myself to have children." She then went on to defend herself, "Will I do that to my children? No, I'm not that kind of person, I'm not that kind of mother. "

"Don't judge me because I really took care of my children," she added. Cheryl went on to continue the story and revealed that there were times Sarah failed to come back home which prompted her and Pia to look for her. "Because of the gangs outside, Sarah was able to go out, play. There was a point where we would look for her, Pia and I, would look around the house, we would call her name, 'Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! '"It was night, the neighbors, looking at us like that, peeking like that. At night, about ten o'clock in the evening, Sarah was not there. We’re going to be there at the end, nothing.

"Until we just go home, Pia and I will just go home because I'm nervous. Soon, Sarah will come. I said, 'Where are you from?'" According to Cheryl, she also had to hide her daughter's cellphone from her because that is where she used to contact her girlfriends who were older than her. At one point, Cheryl revealed that she was approached by a 'concerned neighbor' who asked her to keep an eye on Sarah. "Sister, watch out for that Sarah because it drugs at the end. Maybe what's happening to your child, watch out," Cheryl recounted. However, despite confronting her daughter about the issue, Cheryl said that Sarah denied everything.

When her neighbor kept asking Sarah to confess, Cheryl felt confused and angered, "I, on the other hand, seemed confused, I was angry, she let my son in front of me. She really did not want to admit, the child would cry."

She then said that she asked to hold a meeting at their subdivision, "What I did was I had a meeting with the subdivision. I was getting news from people who knew if what our neighbor who lived a little far away was really saying. " Despite the numerous barangay meetings, Cheryl said that Sarah refused to speak up about the issue.

Cheryl went on to share what happened one year after they transferred to the UK, "I received a letter from the Principal of the school." What are you saying Sarah is spreading that there is abuse happening to her? Happened or is happening. "It's not me, I'm confused. 'What is this, what is this letter? Sarah, what is this?' So, what I did, I was absent one day to go to the school to talk to your principal about what is happening. "The principal said, 'Sarah has a problem, she's talking to other classmates and to some mothers about what happened to her in the Philippines. '"

Cheryl shared that she cried after finding out about what happened. When Sarah went back home that day, Cheryl asked her daughter about the issue, "Sarah, what happened to you? Why are you telling them, why not to me?" Why did you keep it a secret that we have been here for almost three years, you are not telling me, to someone else you say? What happened to you? Who made you? ” Cheryl even mentioned the names of people that they used to encounter in the Philippines, "I said the names we encountered in our lives there. No, no, no." Despite trying to find out who abused her daughter, Cheryl said that Sarah never mentioned any name. 

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