Pia Wurtzbach finally breaks her silence about the issue of her family

Pia Wurtzbach and her mother were in the hot seat recently, after Pia's sister Sarah Wurtzbach lashed out at them on social media.

But Sarah immediately apologized to Pia but she continued to lash out at their mother.

Now their mother has spoken about what Sarah is saying in her Youtube vlog.

After Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach's mother posted a video in which she explained about the ongoing conflict between the couple, Sarah did not budge and released a screenshot of her mother's message sent to her in May.

Pia Wurtzbach has finally addressed the issue about her mother and her sister on her social media account. 

According to the beauty queen, it has been a hurtful time for her and her family following the controversial posts of her sister. 

She also asked the online community to be more mindful of the things they have been posting about her sister on social media. 

Aside from this, Pia asked netizens to stop victim-blaming amid the current controversy

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