OFW Rants on Facebook after her friend complained about what she was offering

"Second parent not a sponsor."

This is the message of OFW Rachelle when she shared on Facebook the conversation she had with a friend. Here, Rachelle is taken as the mother of the second child of her natural friend.

But, along with taking her as a godmother, she also demanded Php 5,000 from Rachelle for her baptismal expenses. The friend said Rachelle, after all, is said to be an OFW and for her children, Php 5,000 is only a small amount for this.

Because of this, Rachelle couldn't stop herself from calming down. She kindly refused the money she was asking for because she said she had to spend more on expenses. But, this friend of his included her rejection.

Until she called her ‘stingy’ for not giving her the money she was asking for. According to this friend of hers, she is only asking for a small amount of money here and as the godmother of his child, she should be able to approach it.

Rachelle explained that even though she is abroad, she already has a lot of money. She struggles with every penny she has so it is not easy to give it what it demands.

Rachelle even shared, in fact, she did not know that she was also the godmother of one of her children and she only found out last Christmas but, she still gave it.

So, in her Facebook post, Rachelle expressed her thoughts about it as well as the frequent thought that because they are OFWs they already have a lot of money. She said that she did not want to refuse as a godmother but, she said, they hoped that they would think that being a godmother is not just giving money.

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