OFW Mother cursed by her own son by not sending money immediately

It also means that they cannot watch over or guide their children and they will not see them growing up because they take care of their employer's children.

In the screenshot of their conversation, it can be seen that her son insulted her just because she didn't send the money right away because of the circumstances. He was already in the "shop" at that time, according to his son, and he also promised the shop owner that he would pay them now.

His mother explained that she couldn't get out because her boss didn't want to let her go so she couldn't send the money, and it would just be a little late.

Her son did not seem to understand her condition, however, because she was insulted!

In the conversation, the mother said she was crying when her son insulted her. She added that she sacrificed a lot and worked hard to work abroad, but that she wasn't respected and that her son cursed him because she didn't follow his wishes.

In the meantime, many of our netizens are mad at the child for cursing his mother.

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