OFW Daughter, mother, surprised by a bouquet of money worth 400,000.

 An overseas Filipino worker, the daughter, surprised his mother with a luxurious bouquet of money.

The netizen just said "Sana all" when they saw the Gifts4everyJUAN post where a bouquet of money worth 400,000 was attached to it.

Gifts4everyJUAN also told the story of a person who said he had a child who really wanted to surprise his beloved mother.

It is worth noting that the bouquet is even higher than its deliverers.

The mother is sure to be happy to receive it because of the strange surprise her daughter gave her.

But in order to ensure the safety of her and her mother, the OFW did not just introduce itself.

The important thing is that he made his mother happy on that special day and he felt his appreciation for it.

In the meantime, many netizens were amazed at this viral post. The child's sacrifice for the mother is impressive, even though it's far from her.

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