Nurse's creepy True Story while on duty Viral now on Social Media

Plenty of people are afraid of hospitals. If you become a nurse, you’ll see plenty of nervous patients and agitated family members. People who enter your wing will twitch with anxiety and anticipation. Patients in your care will look up to you with fear in their eyes and uncertainty in their voices.

Even healthcare professionals can feel the hairs stand up on the backs of their necks on a lonely night. Many nurses have found themselves working the night shift, their feet echoing through a hall lit only by unnatural fluorescent light. Behind the doors of rooms, they can hear patients, some breathing quietly, others crying to themselves while in the throes of a nightmare.

A netizen shared about his experience who works as a nurse in some hospital in Laguna when they have 9-year-old patients with dengue stage 4 for 2 days and declared dead. 

When he is waiting for a replacement for duty his replacement was just smiling not knowing what he and other nurses have been through that day, and when his replacement sat on their station she tells that the patient who has a dengue stage 4 was smiling at him on the hallway at Pedia ward and she thinks that the patient was discharged but she was shocked to hear during endorsement that the patient was already expired.

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