Netizens were furious when a Mother sold her twins just to buy a brand new Phone

Many women aspire to have offspring of their own.

But it is heartbreaking to see the news that their own children have been thrown away, sold, or given away.

Luxury has been accumulated. You need to make money first. Besides, that is not your first priority especially if you are already a mother.

But this lady was able to sell her twin son just to buy a new cellphone!

The lady was identified by her surname Ma from Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China.

She got pregnant early and is only 20 years old so her parents are still angry with her for being irresponsible.

She sold her twin son at a different price. The first he sold for 45,000 yuan or Php 316,370 and the other 20,000 yuan or Php 140,609. The reason he was able to sell it was to pay off his debt with his credit card.

But that was too much so he was also able to buy a branded and new cellphone.

Meanwhile, the father of his children Wu Nan suddenly made Ma feel when he found out that their twin son had been sold not to quarrel with what Ma had done but to ask for money to pay off his gambling debts. That is also the reason why he could not support his wife because he was buried in gambling debt

Authorities did not ignore this and immediately searched for and arrested unscrupulous parents who were able to sell their children just for their own luxury.

The couples were found and their twins. Ma's parents are now in the care of the twins but unfortunately, the money bought from the twins has been spent by Ma and Wu Nan.

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