Multiple Massacre: The Unease feeling you get from the song "My Way"

In East Asia, karaoke is one of the most popular pastimes. However, the widespread popularity of public singing has led to some frightening occurrences. Several people in the Philippines and China have actually lost their lives during renditions of Frank Sinatra's 1969 hit “My Way”. We look into the strange circumstances surrounding what has become known as the “My Way” killings.

There are said to have been as many as twelve “My Way” karaoke related murders since 2002. One of the earliest and most well-documented cases took place in 2007.

The Philippine Star reported that 29-year-old Romy Baligula was halfway through his rendition of “My Way” at a karaoke bar in San Mateo when a security guard complained he was off-key. Romy ignored the complaint and continued to sing, which proved to be a mistake.

The 43-year-old guard, Robilito Ortega, was so enraged that he pulled out a .38 caliber pistol and shot the singer in the chest. Baligula died instantly and Ortega was detained by an off-duty police officer soon afterward.

Another high profile "My Way" killing took place in the central Chinese city of Xi'an in 2012. A family had gathered at a local karaoke bar for a singing session. A four-year-old boy had the microphone and was singing along to "My Way", much to the amusement and adulation of his parents. Two of the boys’ uncles, however, began to point the finger at Mr. Yun and his wife for having raised a spoilt child; a "Little Emperor", as the Chinese say. The argument turned to a fight, with pushes, shoves, and even punches being thrown. At this point, Mr. Yun's nephew - Mr. Hu - fled to the nearby noodle shop where he worked, and promptly returned with a meat cleaver.

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