Mothers' message to their daughters who turned into NPA's

NPA or the New People's Army is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines of CCP. Their main objective is to destroy and dismantle the rule of the enemy and taking their political power. The NPA was found and established the year 1969. Their group is reaching headlines and media companies and even the government.

Many students were recruited to join NPA right now like a student name Eighteen-year-old Alicia Lucena, whose mother Relissa is the private complainant in a kidnapping and human trafficking case against Anakbayan and other prominent Left personalities, has accused her mother of abuse.

A viral video in Tik Tok was spreading online about a compilation of mothers of a student who join NPA begging them to go home


sige tiktok mag sawa kang mag ban lol ka #renzthegreat #fyp

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