Michelle's sister furious on Tiktok Parody made by a Netizen

 A lot of things happened this week on social media, especially to those people who were involved in the issues that bombarded our news feeds with so many controversies. The topic regarding GMA rising entertainer, Super Tekla hasn't yet seized as people kept digging on things that could be used against the allegations that his live-in partner Michelle has been claiming to Raffy Tulfo.

The issue between Tekla and Michelle is already over in RTIA but some netizen they think that it's not already finished. Some of the netizens commenting harsh words on some family of Michelle.

Ashley Makyuut's sister of Michelle who helps her to try to prove that Tekla is staving them if Michelle didn't agree to have sex with him.

Some Tiktoker name @julyndaoberes made a parody about what happens to Michelle in RTIA and it was shared on Facebook by Trending videos online.

Ashley tries to message the one who shares it on Facebook and later on Trending Videos Online posted about the conversation with Ashley.

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