John Lloyd Cruz gladly shared How simple his life Today

John Lloyd Cruz was known as a great actor before he disappeared from showbiz. He started acting when he was only 14 years old when he was discovered by a talent scout in the mall with his friends. Due to financial problems since his father's marble business was not doing well, he decided to enter showbiz to help his family.

He is known as a great actor because of his many starred teleseries and movies. But now it can be seen that he is just living a simple and quiet life with his son in Cebu.

Despite his popularity and net worth during his time, netizens praised John Lloyd for what he chose a kind of life right now.

Previously, he was spotted buying baby stuff for his son as every father does. He even shared a simple meal he had with tuyo or dried fish. Another video shared showing him eating “balut” on a sidewalk.

He may have become so accustomed to the simple life that he’s living now as sightings of him simply denote that he has adopted to the simple living kind of lifestyle..

A netizen went ecstatic when John Lloyd Cruz rode with her on the jeepney at the UP-ikot route. She took him a picture and stated he’s still handsome as ever.

He was also spotted buying fresh durian at a fruit stand in Pasig.

There was a photo that showed that apparently, he took a ride on his bike. Another one showed that he happily posed for a photo with the people in a simple barbershop.

And just recently, JL made abuzz again after a netizen posted a photo with him.

John Lloyd can be seen enjoying eating street foods in the said photos.

He didn’t even mind what he looks like, it seems like the John Lloyd who has a boy next door looks that we all loved before is gone.

He was wearing a plain white shirt and red shorts seems so far away from his glamour looks before.

John Lloyd is obviously living a happy life. It’s all simple and very worthwhile to see the actor making the most of it.

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